Exim Internet Mailer

HOWTO - Mirroring The Exim Website

Mirroring the content

All of the exim web site content is available through rsync, and this is the recommended means for mirroring the web site content.

The rsync URL is rsync://ftp.exim.org/www

However the more normal means to quote the rsync path is ftp.exim.org::www

The rsync path for the ftp area is ftp.exim.org::ftp

Configuring your httpd

Your httpd obviously needs to see the mirrored content. There are also some other tweaks - Apache aliases - which are needed. The paths that need aliasing are currently only the /ftp> path which either needs pointing to your ftp mirror, or redirecting to a reasonable mirror of the exim ftp site.

If and when the mailing list archives are put on line, these may also need handling in a special way.

Branding your site

In some small recognition of the ISPs and other organisations who donate the web site space, bandwidth and management, the web site has a brandable component - specifically the section of the main window imports the branding/branding.html file. By aliasing this path you can tailor this to put a sponsors logo in place.

Tell people about it

Register a bug in the Exim Bugzilla under Infrastructure/Mirrors so that the mirmon information can be updated. Join the exim-mirrors list so we can tell you of any changes to mirroring practice.